Security Bulletin: Everbridge Suite Security Bulletins


Everbridge Suite Security Bulletins.


Everbridge Suite has security best practices built into the platform from the ground up. For additional details, please see knowledge base article EBS: Everbridge Suite Security & Privacy Compliance. As part of these security best practices, we also have a robust Vulnerability Management program in place that identifies, prioritizes, and addresses security vulnerabilities in a timely manner based on their severity (see "Strict Vulnerability Management" in knowledge base article EBS: Everbridge Suite Security Architecture.

However, there are times when we might need to notify our customers of security and privacy events within the platform. In such cases, we publish security bulletins in our Support Center. To access a security bulletin, please log in to the Support Center from the Everbridge Manager Portal and search for "Security Bulletin" or go to Security Bulletins > Security Bulletins.

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