Everbridge CEM: February 2024 Platform Update

Everbridge Critical Event Management Platform Update - February 2024

What's New?

Exciting news!  We’ve just rolled out our latest CEM platform update, packed with new features and improvements to help organizations respond better and increase resilience.  The February 2024 update brings significant features to Everbridge Travel Protector, including its new integration with FlightSafe.  Plus, enhancements such as CEM alert variables, map views, and more.

With these updates, we are doubling down on our commitment to give you the tools and insights to tackle today’s risks and keep your teams, your employees, and your communities safe and your organizations running.  Dive into the details of this release and see how it can help you solve problems, boost resilience, and make your organization run smoother.

Stay tuned for more updates as we keep innovating to meet your needs.


What’s New With Travel Protector™

Making Traveler Safety Smarter with Airline Risk Intelligence

Airline Intelligence.pngBookings Alerts Larger.png


Everbridge Travel Protector: Keep your employees safe wherever they go

  • Direct integration with Everbridge FlightSafe’s airline risk intelligence gives you access to the world’s most comprehensive resource for airline safety, giving your travelers greater peace of mind.
  • View airline risk intelligence for approximately 1,800 airlines and manage your own custom banned list as well as set your own airline risk ratings.
  • create up to 200 booking alert triggers for high-risk airlines by configuring thresholds from five parameters and by different profiles of travelers (by groups or rules).


Travel Protector solution is available:

  • As a standalone solution for travel contacts only.
  • As an add-on to Everbridge CEM for People Resilience (Essentials, Standard, and Advanced).


Travel Protector is globally available and can be used for domestic or international travel.

View data sheet or reach out to your Everbridge account manager.


More CEM Platform Enhancements

Optimizing User Experience and Performance to respond to threats faster


VCC Asset or Contact Variables.png


Expanded Data Visualization Options.png


VCC Mirror.png



Everbridge CEM Platform updates brings:

  • New Alert-Affected Asset variables to differentiate between Contacts and Assets for both manual and automated incidents launched from CEM.1
  • The ability to drag and drop ESRI shape files into the Operator Console, adding more sophisticated contextual visualizations for a faster response.2
  • New Operator Console display mode offers an optimized VCC channel, Mirror, allowing users to respond to threats faster with real-time GSOC collaboration.3
  • Operators can now search for Contacts by External ID in the Visual Command Center Operator Console. This enhancement allows Operators to locate a specific user by External ID when there are many Contacts with similar names.1


Is available to:

  • All CEM Packages1
  • Everbridge CEM for Business Operations (Standard and Advanced).2
  • Everbridge CEM for People Resilience (Standard and Advanced).2
  • Requires VCC Channels add-on3


Is globally available.

Reach out to your Everbridge Account Manager for more details.

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