Everbridge CEM: April 2024 Release Notes

What's New in Everbridge 360™ (Includes Mass Notifications unless otherwise specified)
Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting is a new, unified interface that aims to provide consistent reporting capabilities across all of the Everbridge products leveraged by an Organization.​ Organization and Incident Administrators can easily review pre-canned dashboards that provide analytics and visualizations of their data.

The launch version of Advanced Reporting supports Notification and Incident data, while more information will be usable in future iterations.

Advanced Reporting Notifications Dashboard.png

The initial version is available at no additional cost for Organizations utilizing Incident Management. 

Release Date: April 24

Contact Integration for Microsoft Entra ID

In addition to other leading human resources information systems (HRIS), the Contact Integration feature now supports Microsoft Entra ID, allowing Organizations to set up a direct integration to automate their contact management.

Contact Integration Choose Entra.png

This feature is available at no additional cost and won't affect preexisting settings. 

Release Date: April 10

What's New in Travel Protector
Assess Affected Travelers in Visual Command Center

Users can now view a summary count of travelers and travel location types for each Alert, enabling GSOC Operators to assess the potential impact of an Alert with easy-to-view travel summaries alongside other affected asset summaries.

Affected Travelers VCC.png

This feature is free for all Travel Protector customers and won't affect preexisting settings.

Release Date: April 9

What's New in Visual Command Center
Time to First Alert Action

The Alert Report will now calculate the time from Alert Creation to the first Operator action (non-system user). The Alert Report will include three new fields:​

  • Time to First Action (hh:mm)​
  • First Action (snooze, acknowledge, add notes, launch incident)​
  • First Action By​

Time to First Alert Action.png

Release Date: April 10

This feature is available for all CEM packages. 

Minor Improvements to Existing Features - All Products
Product Feature Area Feature Description Benefits
Crisis Management Event CSV Download Address Column The Address column in the CSV extract of Critical Events will now include the Address of the location, along with its latitude and longitude. Helps users quickly identify the location of the Event.
Mass Notification Contact Integration Time Zone Mapping Ability to map the Time Zone field for contact synchronization done via the Contact Integration feature. Allows users who want to set the time zone for their contacts to set it from the information contained in their HR System.
Mass Notification Contact Integration Field Name Clarification Renamed the UKG field "Title" to "Alternate Job Title". Clarifies the UKG field to map data to get information about an alternate job title.
Mass Notification Contact Integration Improved Ingestion Logic Added new logic to allow the Contact Integration to correctly ingest country information when "United States of America" or "USA" is sent from the HR System. This prevents administrators from having to correct their data in their HR System.
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