Everbridge 360™: What is Everbridge 360™?


What is Everbridge 360™? 


Everbridge 360™ is the new Critical Event Platform by Everbridge to respond faster with greater accuracy to Events that matter to People and Assets. Everbridge 360™ is one platform for enterprise resilience for all organizational roles. It is designed to allow effortless experience across all Everbridge product lines. Everbridge 360™ includes a refreshed user interface, a left-side navigation menu, and a unification of the user experience across the Everbridge Manager Portal and the Visual Command Center (VCC).

The First Release of Everbridge 360™ Includes

  1. Combined collapsible left-side Apps Menu to allow for seamless navigation across all applications and modules. See knowledge article Everbridge 360™: Left-Side Applications Navigation Menu.
  1. New Event Types with predetermined event categories based on risk intelligence feeds with the ability to create custom event types to link together events, alerts, and templates, decreasing the mean time to communicate. See knowledge article Everbridge 360™: Event Types.
  1. New Communications Workflow, combining the best of both worlds between Notifications and Incidents, with new feature enhancements to optimize the launch process, reduce training time, reduce the opportunity for errors, and help mitigate the “fear of sending out.” See knowledge article Everbridge 360™: Communications Workflow.
  1. Everbridge 360™ Apps - Mobile & Desktop. See knowledge article Everbridge 360™: Everbridge 360™ App Mobile & Desktop.

The benefits of Everbridge 360™ include

Refreshed User Interface

  • Revamped interface to be more visually appealing, intuitive, and user-friendly.
  • Optimized design to make navigation easier and streamline interactions.

Simplified Workflows

  • Simplified communications workflow to reduce complexity and accomplish tasks faster and more straightforward.

Event Configuration

  • Configure customized events for the Organization as well as utilize Everbridge-defined event categories.

Improved Platform Experience

  • Seamless user experience to transition between Visual Command Center and Everbridge Suite.

Feature Enhancements

  • New features to communicate faster and reduce the opportunity for errors. Optimized features to improve overall usability and facilitate quicker onboarding.
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