Support Center: How to Log an Enhancement Request for the Everbridge Suite/360 Product


How to Log an Enhancement Request for the Everbridge Suite/360.


Enhancement Requests for the Everbridge Suite and Everbridge 360 product suites can be logged using the My Ideas page in the Support Center.

Our product teams will review the ideas submitted to this page and provide direct feedback for these ideas to the posts that you create.

Ideas will appear under the My Contributions tab under My Ideas so that the review or progress notes can be tracked over time. 

Before You Begin

Before you begin, you will need the following: 

  1. What area of the product would your idea impact?  You will need to choose the area of the product you are requesting a change to.  
  2. Be ready to describe the feature you are requesting. 
  3. Think about why you need this feature; what problem are you trying to resolve? 
  4. Would this feature affect just you, individual roles, or users?  We are looking for the impact of this feature and who it impacts. 

Create the Request

Once ready, follow these instructions to log the request: 

  1. Navigate from the Manager Portal, using the "?" in the upper right hand corner and choosing Everbridge Support Center from the drop-down menu. 
  2. Once logged into the Support Center, click on the My Ideas
  3. To Submit an Idea, click on the Submit an Idea Tile.

  4. Pick the proper category tile for the idea being submitted.  There are a list of "Topics" at the top of the tiles to narrow the scope of tiles.  For example, clicking on "Communications" will present the user with four category tiles (Communications, Delivery Methods, Incidents, Notifications).  Click on the tile that best fits the area of the product the idea is for.

  5. Once the tile is selected, the Idea form is presented.  The Topic defaults to the tile chosen and cannot be changed.  Fill out the form completely answering the three questions presented and by providing any additional details to support the ask. This information was gathered in the "Before You Begin" section. 

  6. Click Submit 

Track updates to your posts in the "My Contributions" tile under the My Idea tile. 

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