EBS: SMS Sender ID Registration for Hong Kong


SMS Sender ID Registration Requirements in Hong Kong.


Registration of alphanumeric sender IDs in Hong Kong is highly encouraged to prevent messages from being blocked. Once successfully registered, messages will arrive on mobile devices with a '#' character preceding the alphanumeric sender ID.

For clients who require 2-way communications with their contacts, numeric codes, including the Everbridge shared codes for Hong Kong as denoted in our Global SMS Codes Support Center article, will continue to work without the need for registration.

Types of Sender IDs with Registration Requirements

  1. Alphanumeric

Client-dedicated sender IDs of types noted above require registration. Everbridge shared sender IDs, such as those noted in our Global SMS Codes Support Center article, are already registered appropriately and do not require any action.

Alphanumeric Sender ID Requirements

The sender ID registration process, including requirements, is managed by the Hong Kong OFCA (Office of the Communications Authority),  Refer to the below two links for additional information:

    1. For Industry: Short Message Service (SMS) Sender Registration Scheme
    2. For Consumers: Short Message Service (SMS) Sender Registration Scheme

Registration Process

  1. Registration must be completed through the OFCA directly by clients. Please refer to the Short Message Service (SMS) Sender Registration Scheme for details and links to begin the process.
  2. Upon completing the registration process, you will need to provide Everbridge with two completed Letter of Authorisation (LOA) forms--one per aggregator that we use for Hong Kong. You can find these under the Reference Documents section below.

Registration Timeline

Client and OFCA driven.

Reference Documents


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