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Can the Everbridge Mobile app be downloaded in a country that has restricted its use?

I have a contact who can't download the Everbridge Mobile app in their country; is there a workaround?


  • Everbridge does not support installing any apps in countries other than those that are officially configured to do so.
  • This article provides a workaround to a restriction; circumstances and procedures may change at any time.
  • Users following any instructions from third-party sites are proceeding at their own risk.

Everbridge works to provide its app in as many countries as possible. Due to geographic restrictions enforced by both iTunes and the Google Play store, certain countries may find that the Everbridge Mobile app is unavailable for download. Please see the following article from Google for additional information:

If you are unable to download the Everbridge Mobile app due to geographic restrictions, the following sites may provide a workaround for you.

For iOS Devices

For Android Devices

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