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Everbridge Suite Weather Alert Resources

The purpose of this knowledge base article is to provide a starting point for resolving weather alert questions and issues. The table below is a comprehensive list of weather-related Everbridge resources to aid in understanding, configuring, and troubleshooting weather issues.

  • Everbridge University Course - Course available on Everbridge University for learning about SMART Weather.
  • Setup and Best Practices - These articles outline the proper and suggested setup for SMART Weather.
  • Topics / How to - These articles answer questions on how to perform SMART Weather-related tasks.
  • Troubleshooting - These articles assist in troubleshooting a National Weather Service alert that did not trigger a SMART Weather notification, or the notification did not reach as many contacts as expected. 

Everbridge University Course

(BP) Everbridge Suite SMART Weather Basics and Best Practices

Setup and Best Practices

EBS: SMARTWeather Alerting User Guide
EBS: SMARTWeather Settings Best Practices
EBS: Best Practices for Configuring an Everbridge Organization’s Weather Alert Subscriptions

Topics / How to

EBS: How to Determine Which Contacts Should Be Selected by a Given Weather Alert in Everbridge Suite
EBS: How to Control How Often a Weather Alert Notification Is Sent From Everbridge Suite
EBS: Conditions That Can Be Used to Trigger a Weather or Customized Alert
EBS: How to Refresh Your Smart Weather Alert Geo-Fence in Everbridge Suite


EBS: Toubleshooting - Comprehensive Guide on Missing Weather Notifications
EBS: The Time Zone on Weather Alerts Does Not Match the Time Zone in Which Notifications Are Sent in Everbridge Suite
EBS: How to Identify Missing Weather Alerts


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