EBS: Utilizing Separate Email Content in Everbridge Suite - FAQ

When you select the check box "Include a separate message for email notifications" in Everbridge, you can create two versions for text-based messages: a short version for SMS, Fax, Pager, and read for Text-to-Speech voice calls, and a separate version for Email and Everbridge Mobile App that is longer and can be enhanced.
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Q: Why am I unable to see the "Include a separate message for email notifications" button?

A: This feature can be enabled for an entire organization; this process is explained in the Sending Rich Text Email Notifications Knowledge Base article.

Q: When I try to copy and paste my template from my Word document, why aren't my hyperlinks working?

A: Copying and pasting as plain text includes embedded code that can break a message. An easy way to avoid this is to add hyperlinks directly in your Notification. Any time you copy and paste content into a message, highlight the desired portion of the message and select the Remove Formatting icon  from the toolbar. This is important as some formatting may not appear in Everbridge when copied and pasted, but may appear within emails sent to your contacts.

Q: I am trying to copy and paste an image and nothing is happening. What is going on?

A: Images can only be coped and pasted directly into the email content if they are hosted on a website. To add an image that is not hosted, choose the image with a photo and arrow  to select a file.

Q: Why isn't my image URL displaying?

A: Check if the URL for your image starts with a different URL than https:// and adjust appropriately. Also check that the image URL ends with a file extension (.jpg, .png, .svg, and so forth). This process is detailed in the Adding Default Images to Email Notification Header & Footer knowledge article.

Q: Can I insert a link into an image in the body of a message?

A: Yes – details on this process are included in the Inserting Hyperlinks in Images knowledge article.

Q: How do I add a hyperlink for an email address in the body of a message?

A: Use a "mailto:" prefix in front of the email address you are linking to. Learn more in the Inserting Hyperlinks for Emails in Notifications knowledge article.

Q: Is there a way I can show more of my email if it is longer than the text box?

A: Yes – click "Expand" to open your email template in a new browser to view more of your message.

Q: Is there a size limit for my email?

A: There is no character limit for separate emails, but there is a 1 MB total size limit. You can learn more in the Email Size Limits for Notifications knowledge article.

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