EBS: Single Sign-On (SSO) Checklist to Be Used in Preparation for SSO Support Calls With Everbridge Technical Support


Single Sign-On (SSO) checklist to be used in preparation for SSO support calls with Everbridge Technical Support.


When troubleshooting SSO issues, a call may be scheduled with Everbridge Technical Support. Before joining a scheduled SSO support call with Everbridge Technical Support, please have prepared or provided the following information before the call.

IMPORTANT: if you have an SSO error that requires immediate investigation and cannot wait for a scheduled meeting, please contact Everbridge Technical Support at 866-436-4911 and provide as much information as possible from the list below.

  1. There is a 60-minute hard stop for all SSO calls unless a specific error message is identified during the first 60 minutes.
  2. For time management, the Everbridge TSE will NOT be available during the IdP setup portion of a call and will drop from the call until the IdP setup is complete.
  3. Provide Everbridge Technical Support with any error message before joining the call. If there are any errors, please also forward the metadata via the support ticket for review by the Everbridge Technical Support team.
  4. Ensure the following stakeholders are present on the call: 
  • Your IdP agent
  • An Account Admin user with access to Everbridge to perform required steps and provide the metadata.
  • At least one user and one contact for testing. Multiple users and contacts for testing are preferred.

NOTE: If the required stakeholders are not present, Everbridge Technical Support will drop from the call until those resources are on the call.

  1. If the requested call is outside the Technical Support Engineer's regular work hours, we will do our best to ensure another team member is present. If all other team members are assisting customers at that time, we cannot guarantee participation, so please provide an alternate time if possible.


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