EBS: Troubleshooting Asset Upload Error Messages



Guide to Asset Upload Error Messages


There are two types of Asset Upload failures:

  1. The file fails to upload entirely (File Status = Failed):

  1. The file uploads (File Status = Done) but there are records not loaded or partially loaded:

When a CSV file containing Assets is uploaded to Everbridge, the upload file is listed under Contacts/Assets > Upload Assets in the Everbridge Manager Portal. Click on an upload file name to view the Upload Results page.

Please consult the two tables below for explanations of common issues and steps to resolve them.

Error Messages when the Asset Upload File Fails to Load (File Status = Failed)


Troubleshooting Steps

Error: The upload file doesn't appear in the upload results at all.

If you are uploading via secure file transfer protocol (SFTP), be sure that your file name EXACTLY matches the asset type name - case for case, character for character. If the file has characters other than the Asset Type name, then be sure to place them after three underscores. For example, for the asset type "Office Buildings", the upload file must be named either

  • "Office Buildings.csv"
  • "Office Buildings___Extra Text.csv"

The "Extra Text" may be anything you like. Note: the Manager Portal can accept .csv, .tar.gz, or .zip files. Please see 57000 - How to Upload Assets Via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) for more information.

If you follow these steps and still cannot locate the upload file in the Upload Results page, or you are uploading manually or via REST API and still cannot locate the upload file in the Upload Results page, please contact Technical Support.

Error Message: "Cannot find the critical CSV Header."

Make sure that the column headers are spelled correctly case for case, character for character; make sure that no required columns are missing; and make sure that no unsupported column headers have been added to your file.

Error Messages: 

  • "CSV Header is invalid."
  • "CSV header cannot be empty."

Make sure that no column headers in the file are empty.

Error Message: "Uploaded file does not exist or is empty."

Make sure the upload file is not blank.

Error Message: "Unable to store the file on the server."

Please retry your upload later; if this error persists, please contact Technical Support.

Error Messages: 

  • "More than 1 .csv file is inside the compressed file."
  • "Cannot decompress the file.”
  • "Uploaded file type is not a .csv or .tar.gz or .zip.”
  • "No valid .csv file in the compressed file. "

When uploading a compressed file, be sure that it contains only a single upload file in a valid format (.csv or .tar.gz). If it cannot be decompressed, be sure that you are uploading a .zip file, not a .rar or any other compressed file type.

Error Message: "Country name is invalid." Be sure to use the full country name or the valid two-letter country code for each country. Please refer to 1412 - How to Upload Country Names for Contact Records in Everbridge Suite.
Error Message: "Icon value is invalid." Only 13 icons are supported in the Manager Portal, so be sure to have an integer value between 1-13 (inclusive) in the "Icon" column in the upload file.
Error Message: "Additional Attribute value exceeds 5000 characters." Be sure that no additional attribute value exceeds 5000 characters.
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