EBS: How to Upload Assets Via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) in Everbridge Suite


Uploading assets via secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) in Everbridge Suite


What are assets?

Assets are the physical or virtual entities that your organization cares about other than contacts. If applicable, Contacts/Assets > Assets > Asset List is where you can add and maintain Assets.

NOTE: If your organization previously had Visual Command Center (VCC) Assets and/or Safety Connection Buildings but has now implemented Asset Management Service, your individual assets are automatically migrated to the Manager Portal under Contacts/Assets > Assets > Asset List. You can add and edit Asset Types under Settings > Contacts/Assets > Asset Type.

How can I upload assets via SFTP?

Whether they are leveraged in Everbridge Suite or VCC, Assets are centrally managed in Everbridge Suite. Like Contacts, Assets can be uploaded via SFTP to Everbridge Suite.

Many third-party applications can securely transfer files. Please see knowledge base article EBS: SFTP Access Guide & FAQ for a general reference guide to setting up SFTP. 

IMPORTANT: If you are encrypting the asset upload file, the file extension must be .gpg  If the file has .pgp for a file extension it will not process when uploading via the Manager Portal UI.

To upload Assets via SFTP, please follow the instructions below.

  1. In Everbridge Suite, create an Asset Type under Settings > Contacts/Assets > Asset Type. (If this is already done, start with step #2). 
  1. Download the CSV file of your existing Assets of that Asset Type under Contacts/Assets > Assets > Asset List.
  1. Modify the Asset CSV file with your updated asset information and then save it to the directory you wish to synchronize with the Everbridge servers.

IMPORTANT: The name of the file MUST start with the Asset Type name exactly, case for case, character for character. Any extra text must follow a triple underscore. For example, in this scenario, the Asset Type is "Airports", so Everbridge will accept any of the following:

  • Airports.csv
  • Airports___.csv
  • Airports___Global.csv

In contrast, Everbridge will NOT accept the following:

  • airports.csv
  • Global Airports.csv

If this naming convention is not strictly followed, the upload will fail and will not register in Everbridge Suite at all. 

  1. In your secure file transfer application, choose the destination folder "cem_asset".
  2. Choose your destination subfolder:
    • Delete: Delete all matching Assets by External ID.
    • Replace: Insert new Assets. Update Assets by matching External ID. Delete all that don't have a matching External ID.
    • Update: Insert new Assets. Update Assets by matching External ID. No asset is deleted.
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