EBS: 'Sorry, you can’t access this resource!' Error When Saving a Conference Bridge Configuration in Everbridge Suite


When saving a Conference Bridge configuration in EB Suite (Settings > Organization > NotificationsConference Bridges), the following error occurs:

Sorry, you can't access this resource!

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Root Cause:

There is a size limitation to the number of characters allowed in the 'Access Code Steps' field.


Reduce the size of the access code, passcode, or number of access code steps.

For more information on how to configure a Conference Bridge in EB Suite, see Knowledge Base Article 000049590 - How to Configure the Everbridge Conference Bridge Option When Using a Zoom Meeting Number With a Passcode and an Access Code in Everbridge Suite.

See related Knowledge Base Article 000053216 - "The Maximum Characters for This Field Is 50” Error When Configuring a Conference Bridge in Everbridge Suite.

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