EBS: How to Configure the Everbridge Conference Bridge Option When Using a Zoom Meeting Number With a Passcode and an Access Code in Everbridge Suite


How to configure the Everbridge Conference Bridge Option when using a zoom meeting number with a passcode and an access code in Everbridge Suite.


Below is an example Everbridge Conference Bridge setup. Your setup may vary depending on how long your wait times need to be and what prompts your conference vendor requires. In this example, the following values are used and the user is prompted to press "#" twice before being asked for a passcode.
  • Bridge Name: Zoom
  • Country: United States
  • Conference Number: 6465588656
  • Access Code (Zoom Meeting ID): 768 264 7390
  • Passcode: 123456

Create the Conference Bridge.

  1. From the Organization Level in the Everbridge Manager portal, go to Settings > Organization > NotificationsConference Bridges.
  2. Enter a new Bridge Name, Country and Zoom Conference Number (US 10 digit only) .
  3. Click Add.

Create the access code string.

  1. Click on the Pencil icon to edit the Conference Bridge.
  2. Click on Wizard.
User-added image
User-added image
  1. Enter the following values:
  1. Wait for seconds: 2 ( select the number of seconds and use the arrow to move the value to the right column)
User-added image
  1. Access Code (A): 7682647390
  2. Dial # or 0-9: #
  3. Dial # or 0-9: #
User-added image
  1. Wait for seconds: 3
  2. Enter the passcode:
    1. Dial # or 0-9: 1
    2. Dial # or 0-9: 2
    3. Dial # or 0-9: 3
    4. Dial # or 0-9: 4
    5. Dial # or 0-9: 5
    6. Dial # or 0-9: 6
  3. Dial # or 0-9: #
  4. Click OK.

NOTE: If you receive an error configuring the conference bridge or saving the conference bridge configuration, please see the following related Knowledge Base Articles:

If you are unable to establish a working Conference Bridge connection after perusing the above articles, please contact Everbridge Technical Support and mention this Knowledge Base Article. Mentioning this Knowledge Base Article will speed up the resolution time.

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