EBS: What Is a Notification Escalation in Everbridge Suite?


What is a notification escalation in Everbridge Suite?


Notification escalations allow for specific groups of contacts to be notified one at a time within given time frames. For example, group A is notified at the start of the notification with two responses needed. If only one response is received within 15 minutes, group B is notified. This workflow can continue until the two responses are collected.

Notification Escalation

While building a notification, follow the steps below to include a notification escalation:

  1. When selecting contacts, select the checkbox next to Use notification escalation.
  2. Enter a number in Total Responses Needed.
  3. Under Primary Contacts, select the first wave of desired contacts.
  4. Under Escalation Level 1, enter the amount of time next to If I don't have (x) response(s) in and select minutes or hours in the dropdown.
  5. Select the next wave of desired contacts.
  6. More escalations can be created by selecting the Add another Escalation link.
  7. Complete the rest of the notification as desired and send.

Notification Escalations must be enabled by an organization administrator or account administrator. For more information see Knowledge Base Article 000003340 - How to Enable Notification Escalations in Everbridge .Suite

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