EBS: Troubleshooting Missed Delivery Methods in Everbridge Suite


Notifications can send to multiple delivery methods (e.g., phone, SMS, email, mobile push alert, etc.). At times, some delivery methods are missed (e.g., phone and SMS are used but not email or mobile push alert). This article explains how to troubleshoot missed delivery methods.


Notifications may not be received for all delivery methods for a variety of reasons.

The delivery method was not used

Please check if the delivery method in question was used by the notification itself (NOT just in the organization default settings for notifications). You can check this in Notifications > Active/History > Details > Settings (e.g., the screenshot on the right).

Quick confirmation by another delivery method

When a recipient confirms the receipt of a notification before receiving that notification via all delivery methods, their contact cycle ends and not all notification delivery methods are used.

For example, the notification to the right used email and SMS delivery methods, but the recipient quickly confirmed via email, so the SMS delivery did not occur.

Notification ended before all delivery methods were used

When the broadcast duration of the entire notification is not long enough, not all delivery methods may be used.

For example, in the notification to the right, the broadcast duration is 60 minutes, but it uses 7 delivery methods with 10-minute intervals between them, so the total time required is 70 minutes. This means that the final delivery method will be missed.

Contact path is not defined

This means that the contact lacked a value for that delivery method in the first place. This could be because

  • Their email address has a typo.
  • Their extension phone number lacks an extension.
  • Their mobile phone number was entered incorrectly.
  • They never had a value for a certain delivery path. You can add one manually or via contact upload.
  • Someone removed the value. An account admin can generate a Contact Management log report to see if this is the case (e.g., the screenshot to the right).
  • Delivery methods are not configured properly and/or a contact upload did not load delivery method values properly. See the next three sub-sections.

Delivery method is not enabled

If it is not possible to add a certain delivery method to a contact, please check if the delivery method is enabled in the organization settings (e.g., see the screenshot to the right). If not, be sure to add the delivery method and then add emails to contacts properly. Please see article 46064 - How to Create and Use Delivery Methods for more information.

A contact upload did not load delivery method values

Please check the latest contact upload to your account or organization to identify if delivery method values were present. For example, in the screenshot to the right, one contact is missing an email address in the upload file.

A contact upload mapped delivery method values to the wrong codes

Please check the latest contact upload to your account or organization to identify to which codes those email delivery methods are mapped.

For example, in the screenshot to the right, emails are in the "Email Address 1" column; if that email delivery method is mapped to the "Email Address 2" code in EBS, then these emails will not be loaded. 

For more information on configuring delivery methods, see Knowledge Base Article 000001839 - How to Send Notifications to Delivery Methods in a Specific Order in Everbridge Suite.

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