EBS: How to Create and Use Delivery Methods in Everbridge Suite


How to create and use Delivery Methods.


Delivery Methods within Everbridge 360 are the specified ways your contacts receive your notifications, such as through SMS, Email, or Voice Call. These are configured by Administrators in the Everbridge Manager Portal.

Go to manager.everbridge.net

1. Dashboard

To set up Delivery Methods.


2. Dashboard

Begin by hovering over the Settings tab.


3. Dashboard

Then click Organization.


4. Settings

In the left column, click Notifications.


5. Notification Settings

And then click Delivery Methods.

Notification Settings

6. Delivery Methods

On this page, you can create, organize and edit your Organization's Delivery Methods.

Delivery Methods

7. Select Code

click the Select code drop-down menu to begin adding a new Delivery Method.

Select Code

8. Email Address 2

You can see numerous options for your new Delivery Method such as Email Addresses, or Mobile Phone Numbers. The numbers signify how many additional Delivery Methods of the same nature your Organization has created. For example, if we choose Email Address 2.

Email Address 2

9. Email Address 1

This typically means the Organization has already created a Delivery Method for Email Address one. In this case, we can see it's labeled here as Work Email.

Email Address 1

10. Create Delivery Method

We'll go ahead and create another Email Delivery Method.

Create Delivery Method

11. Prompt

The prompt is what we'll be seeing when selecting Delivery Methods during Notification creation. Make sure these prompts are easily recognizable by your message senders.


12. Assign Prompt

To distinguish our new Delivery Method from the Email Address 1 Delivery Method, we will name this new one Personal Email.

Assign Prompt

13. Prompt - Personal Email

Enter "Personal Email" in the provided field

Prompt - Personal Email

14. Add

With that, we'll click Add to create it.


15. Assign Default

By selecting the Default checkbox.

Assign Default

16. Assign Default

We will set this Delivery Method to be pre-selected when creating a Notification. Even though this may be automatically selected, the message sender can still manually change the Delivery Methods used for a Notification.

Assign Default

17. Delivery Methods

To edit a Delivery Method.

Delivery Methods

18. Edit Delivery Method

Click the Pencil icon.

Edit Delivery Method

19. Save or Cancel Edits

Then click the Disk to save it or click Cancel to disregard the edits.

Save or Cancel Edits

20. Delete Delivery Method

By clicking the Trash icon, you can delete the Delivery Method from your Organization.

Delete Delivery Method

21. Delivery Methods

To use the newly created Delivery Method, you must first add in the data for it. This can be done manually in a contact record, or through uploading a contact CSV file. To learn more about this, check out our other videos on Contact Management. With the Delivery Method data added in, we can use the new method when creating a New Notification.

Delivery Methods

22. Communications

To use the newly created Delivery Method in a Notification, Hover over the Communications tab.


23. Notifications

And, Notifications tab.


24. New Notification

Then click New Notification.

New Notification

25. Create Notification

Here we'll quickly enter the necessary information into the Notification.

Create Notification

26. Title/Subject

Such as the Title.


27. Title/Subject

Enter the desired text.


28. Message Body


Message Body

29. Message Body

Type "This is a test message." in the given field

Message Body

30. Select Contacts

And we'll select our Contacts receiving the Notification.

Select Contacts

31. Select Contacts

Navigate to the "Groups" section

Select Contacts

32. Select Contacts

Navigate here

Select Contacts

33. Select Contacts

Click the selected location

Select Contacts

34. Edit Settings

Under the Settings section, click Edit.

Edit Settings

35. Delivery Method Dropdown

Here you can select the Delivery Methods you want to use for your Notification by selecting the drop-down.

Delivery Method Dropdown

36. Delivery Method Selection

Or by selecting the checkboxes next to that specific method.

Delivery Method Selection

37. Delivery Methods Checkbox

Methods can be turned on or off by selecting the checkboxes.

Delivery Methods Checkbox

38. Delivery Method Settings

When using multiple Delivery Methods for a message, you can improve your message deliverability by setting how much time passes between Delivery Methods, and you can define the order in which your methods are used when sending out a Notification.

Delivery Method Settings

This guide covered the steps required to in Everbridge.

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