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SMS Resources

A comprehensive reference guide for understanding, configuring, troubleshooting and implementing best practices for SMS.

These knowledge base articles have been categorized as follows:

  • TROUBLESHOOTING - These articles provide troubleshooting tips and report on known SMS issues and resolutions.
  • TOPICS / HOW TO - These articles answer questions on how to perform SMS-related tasks.
  • QUESTION & ANSWER - These articles answer questions related to contact upload tasks that are not "how to" questions.
  • NIXLE - Nixle SMS articles.
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Question articles.
  • DATA SHEETS - SMS & Phone Data Sheets for multiple countries.


EBS: Troubleshooting Undelivered Message Issues in Everbridge Suite
EBS: Troubleshooting SMS Message Issues in Everbridge Suite
EBS: Troubleshooting Missed Delivery Methods in Everbridge Suite
EBS: Contacts Are Not Receiving SMS Notifications From Everbridge After Switching Phone Providers
EBS: Contacts Are Receiving SMS Messages Out of Order in Everbridge Suite
EBS: Contacts in Egypt Are Not Receiving SMS Messages
EBS: After Changing From an Apple Device to a Non-Apple Device, the Same Phone Number No Longer Receives SMS Alerts From Everbridge
EBS: When Contacts Try to Confirm Receipt of an Email or SMS Message in Everbridge Suite, They See 'We appreciate your response, but you already responded to this message'
EBS: Contacts Receive Notifications Where Polling Options Are Showing as Links in SMS Messages in Everbridge Suite
EBS: SMS Text Message Notifications With Missing Characters Are Being Sent to Contacts in Everbridge Suite
EBS: SMS Messages Originating From a Short Code Are Not Being Received on Tracfone Devices
EBS: Links in SMS Messages Do Not Work on Non-Smartphones in Everbridge Suite
EBS: Custom SMS Messages Longer than 160 Characters (or 70 characters if UCS Encoding) are Missing a Link to the Full Text Message
Global SMS Codes
EBS: Unsubscribe, Opt-Out, Resubscribe - Main Page


EBS: Everbridge SMS Best Practices
EBS: How to Change the Number That Sends Notifications via SMS in Everbridge Suite
EBS: How to Unblock SMS Short Codes in Everbridge Suite
EBS: SMS Message Send and Reply Options in Everbridge Suite
EBS: How a Contact Can Confirm a Notification via SMS by Replying With Anything in Everbridge Suite
EBS: How to Remove the Subject Line From SMS Messages Sent to Contacts in Everbridge Suite
EBS: How to Enable the Short URL in SMS Messages for Organizations in Everbridge Suite
EBS: Understanding SMS Call Results in Everbridge Suite
EBS: SMS - Unsubscribe, Opt-Out, Resubscribe
EBS: Everbridge SmartPath: Unique Intelligent Delivery
EBS: SMS Character Counter When Using the Single SMS Feature of SmartPath in Everbridge Suite
EBS: How to Send an Image via SMS (Short Message Service) Using the Web Page Message Feature in Everbridge Suite
CNL: Schlage SMS Connector
CNL: Etisalat SMS Connector
EBS: Everbridge SmartPath: Single SMS
EBS: Everbridge SmartPath: SMS to Email Router
EBS: How to Insert a Zoom Meeting Link Into an SMS Message in Incident Communications
EBS: Alphanumeric Sender ID for SMS
EBS: How to Define or Modify Sender Information Such as Reply to E-mail, Sender Caller ID and Sender SMS ID in Everbridge Suite
EBS: Alphanumeric Sender ID Registration in Vietnam


EBS: What Are the Requirements for Sending SMS Messages in Other Countries?
EBS: How Does the SMS Call Back Feature Work When Used With a Polling Notification in Everbridge Suite?
EBS: Can the Chinese Characters That Appear at the Beginning of SMS Notifications Sent to Contacts in China Be Removed?
EBS: Can Non-GSM or Unicode Characters Be Used When Creating an SMS Notification in Everbridge Suite?
EBS: In What Order Are Multiple Notifications (SMS, Email) Confirmed in Everbridge Suite?
EBS: Delivery Method Code Definitions Used to Send Notifications to Contacts in Everbridge Suite
EBS: How Do Contacts Confirm SMS Messages Sent From Custom Alphanumeric SMS Sender IDs in Everbridge Suite?
EBS: Why Do Contacts in India Receive SMS Messages From Non-numerical SMS Codes?
EBS: When Contacts Receive SMS Messages, What Does the “S:” at the Beginning of the SMS Message Mean in Everbridge Suite
EBS: Is There a Way to Change the SMS Sender Number in Everbridge Suite?
EBS: Under What Conditions Are Links Appended to SMS Messages in Everbridge Suite?
EBS: Does the Alert Area Defined for Location-Based SMS Accurately Reflect the Actual Subscriber Selection in Everbridge Suite?
EBS: Resident Connection - Why Can't I Send Notifications to the SMS and Wireless Delivery Methods?


Nixle: Agency Residents Are Not Receiving SMS Publications
Nixle: How to Add an Email Address to a Nixle Resident Profile via SMS
Nixle: SmartPath FAQ
Nixle: Not Receiving Nixle SMS Messages
EBS: How to Send Notifications (SMS and Email) From Everbridge Suite to Nixle Subscribers


Nixle: SmartPath FAQ
EBS: New SMS Sender ID for U.S. Public Safety Agencies FAQ


Data sheets are available for individual countries. Search the knowledge base for "SMS & Phone Data Sheet". A list of data sheets per country will display.
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