EBS: How to Ensure Information Is Preserved (Not Deleted or Removed) When Uploading Contacts to Everbridge Suite via a CSV File


How to ensure information is preserved (not deleted or removed) when uploading contacts to Everbridge Suite via a CSV file.


When updating contacts with a CSV upload, it is not necessary to include all of the headers in the CSV file that contain the update information. For example, if you did not want to update any contacts' SMS delivery methods, you would remove the "SMS 1" and "SMS 1 Country" columns (including headers) from the CSV file.

The inverse also works: including the header and column for a value but leaving the respective cell blank will remove that information for the contact.

Keep in mind the following when preparing CSV files for contact uploads:

For information on preserving group associations during contact uploads, see Knowledge Base Article 000048620 - How to Add Contacts to Groups via File Upload.

For more information on contact uploads, see Knowledge Base Article 000034644 - Contact Upload User Guide and 000049845 - Troubleshooting Contact Uploads.

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