EBS: How to Delete or Replace the Static Location Data for a Contact When Uploading a CSV File to the Everbridge Manager Portal


How to delete or replace the static location data for a Contact when uploading a CSV file to the Everbridge Manager Portal.


When updating or deleting static location information via a CSV contact upload, the platform will use the name in the Location cell to determine which address to edit or delete. Addresses are NOT mapped to a specific location column, like "Location 1 = Home". This means you cannot just provide a new or empty location and expect it to overwrite the existing static location without specifying an existing location name. To remove a static location from a contact record all location-related cells should be left blank in the CSV file except for the name in the Location cell.

Example 1:

If an existing contact has a static location named Home that needs to be deleted, the file should be configured as follows. The name in Location 1 (cell E2) is defined so the platform knows which address to delete and all the location-related cells are empty, which instructs the platform to remove this address.


Example 2:

If a contact has an existing static location and you would like it to be replaced with a new location with a different location name, then the file would be configured as follows. In this example the address to be replaced is named Downtown and the new address to be added is named Midtown.


Example 3:

We will expand on the situation presented in Example 2 to illustrate a common mistake. A contact has a static address named Downtown and it needs to be replaced by a location named Midtown. If the file shown below is uploaded, the contact would then have two static addresses, Downtown & Midtown. This file will only add the Midtown address as it has not been configured to delete the Downtown address. One address will not overwrite another if the Location names do not match.

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