EBS: Alphanumeric Sender ID for SMS



Alphanumeric Sender ID for SMS.


An alphanumeric sender ID for SMS messaging is a means of overriding the default Everbridge-provided numeric sender ID as specified in the Everbridge Global SMS Codes Support Center article, with an easily identifiable name, such as your organization's name or brand. Some important things to keep in mind with an alphanumeric sender ID are:

  • Must be between 3-11 characters.
  • Characters allowed: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and a single space.
  • Alphanumeric Sender SMS IDs need to be supported by the downstream mobile carrier that the SMS notification is being delivered to. Not all countries support alphanumeric sender IDs. Below is a list of countries that do support it.
  • Using an alphanumeric sender ID will render your SMS message 1-way. This means your contacts who receive the message with an alphanumeric sender ID will not be able to reply back directly to the received message to confirm receipt or respond to a polling notification. They can still send a new SMS to any one of our SMS sender IDs to confirm or respond to a poll; please see knowledge base article EBS: How Do Contacts Confirm SMS Messages Sent From Custom Alphanumeric SMS Sender IDs in Everbridge Suite? for details.
  • If a country does not support alpha sender ID and you configure one to be used, then one of three behaviors may be exhibited:
    • Message will be delivered with the Everbridge numeric sender ID for the given country. For a list of Everbridge numeric sender IDs, log into the Support Center and click on Global SMS Codes at the top of the page. 
    • Message will be delivered, but with an altered sender ID (may be alpha or numeric).
    • Message will not be delivered.

Configuring an Alphanumeric Sender ID

For information on configuring the alphanumeric sender ID for SMS, please see knowledge base article EBS: How to Define Sender Information for Delivery Channels in Everbridge Suite.

Alphanumeric Sender ID Registration

  • Some countries that support alphanumeric sender ID require registration of those sender IDs before they can be used. If the registration process can be completed, or must be initiated, by the Everbridge client, then information will be found under the "Registration Process" column. If this column is blank, then it indicates the registration must be performed by Everbridge. Please contact Everbridge Technical Support to initiate this registration process.
  • Countries that require registration may also require additional information and/or fees. The Everbridge Technical Support team will expand on these if the country you are inquiring about has any such requirements.
  • Sender ID registration may take up to eight weeks depending on the country.

List of Countries That Support Alphanumeric Sender ID


Country Registration Required Registration Process Notes
Armenia Y    
Australia N    
Austria N    
Bahrain N    
British Virgin Islands N   Not supported by carrier CCT
Cayman Islands N    
Denmark N    
Egypt N    
Estonia N    
Finland N    
Germany N    
Greece Y    
Hong Kong Y EBS: SMS Sender ID Registration for Hong Kong  
Indonesia Y    
Ireland N    
Israel N    
Italy Y    
Japan N   Supported only by mobile operator Rakuten
Luxembourg N    
Netherlands N    
Norway N    
Pakistan Y   Not supported by mobile operator Ufone
Philippines Y    
Portugal N    
Singapore Y EBS: SMS Sender ID Registration Requirements for Singapore  
Slovakia Y   Not supported by mobile operator O2
Spain N    
Sweden N    
Switzerland N    
Thailand N    
Trinidad and Tobago N   Not supported by mobile operator bmobile.
Ukraine Y    
United Kingdom N   Not supported by mobile operators in the island country of Jersey.
Vietnam Y EBS: SMS Sender ID Registration Requirements in Vietnam Slow and lengthy registration process. In addition to sender ID registration, regulators also require message template registration. SMS messages sent to the country must adhere to registered templates. 


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