Everbridge 360 - MacOS Deployment

MacOS Deployment

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Everbridge 360 for Mac can be installed through the Mac App Store or downloaded and installed with standard application management tools.


Mac App Store

Everbridge 360 on the App Store


Installer Package

The Everbridge 360 installer package (.pkg) can be downloaded from https://download.everbridge.net/ and installed on an individual machine or with any MDM provider.


Bypassing Organization Code

Everbridge 360 requires a user to enter their Organization Code before logging in. This step can be bypassed by using a custom protocol supported by the App. Running this code on a machine will automatically start the App (if required) and fill out the Organization Code.


This command can be executed by running it from a web browser URL, or using this code from Terminal. Please note, this will only work after the Everbridge 360 application is installed.

open 'ebenterprise://?companycode=YOURORGANIZATIONCODE'


System Requirements

  • The most current major OS version, plus the last two major released versions.
    • Refer to Apple for the current version of your macOS device.

  • Disk Space: 200 MB
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