EBS: Can Everbridge Restore Alert Subscriptions That Have Been Deleted?


Can Everbridge restore alert subscriptions that have been deleted?

Please see knowledge base article EBS: Deleting Alert Subscriptions in Everbridge Suite for information on how to delete alert subscriptions.


No. Unfortunately, it is not possible for Everbridge to restore the missing alert subscriptions to their previous state. Our backup capabilities are not set up for individual organizations, but rather these capabilities are intended for disaster recovery scenarios and impact data outside any one particular organization. Because of this, we are not able to perform this type of restore.
Our recommendation is the following:

  1. Begin re-entering the alert subscription categories as best you can and then encourage your contacts to subscribe to the (new) alert categories.
  2. Re-visit any existing rules (under Contacts + Assets > Contacts > Rules) which were being used to leverage the alert subscriptions. When old subscriptions are deleted, these rules are affected (by having the old subscription taken out of the rule's conditions). After the alert subscriptions are re-created, we recommend opening up each rule and recreating the conditions that were used previously.
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