Everbridge CEM: March 2024 Release Notes

What's New in Everbridge 360™ (Includes Mass Notifications unless otherwise specified)
Custom Roles

Through a new and more user-friendly role creation workflow, administrators now have the flexibility to check or uncheck over half of the existing permissions and data resources from preexisting roles to define Custom Roles to meet their Organization's needs.

Custom Roles is available at no additional cost to all users. Note that while the legacy New Role functionality is being retained, this feature introduces behavioral changes in the following areas regardless of an Organization's utilization of Custom Roles:

  • Deactivating Publishing Options
  • Incident Zones
  • Google Public Alerts

See the Custom Roles documentation page for more details on the feature and changes to preexisting behavior. 

Release Date: March 19 (EU), March 20 (US) 

Publishing Paths in Communications

Users can now select Publishing Paths (Social Media, Web Posting, Member Portal, etc.) as a channel for a Communication. They can also create and preview a custom message for Publishing Paths before launching a Communication. 

Publishing Paths in Communications.png

​This enhancement is free for all customers that utilize Publishing Paths and won't affect preexisting settings.

Release Date: March 19 (EU), March 20 (US) 

Training Mode in Communications

Users can now practice the process of launching a Communication, such as selecting a Template, drafting the message, and selecting Groups, without the message going out to any real Contacts. This helps ensure that a message is delivered to the intended recipients through the appropriate channel, improving response time.
Communications Training Mode.png

This enhancement is free for all users and won't affect any preexisting settings.

Release Date: March 19 (EU), March 20 (US)

Exercise Mode in Communications

Users can now launch Communications in Exercise Mode to allow Contacts to get familiarized with how they will be notified and how they can respond during emergencies. The word [DRILL] will be prepended in the outgoing message to recipients. An ad-hoc (No Template) or templatized Communication can also be launched in Exercise mode.

Communications Exercise Mode.png

This enhancement is free for all customers and won't affect preexisting settings.

Release Date: March 19 (EU), March 20 (US)

Enhanced Contact Search in Communications

Efficiently find the appropriate recipients for a Communication by searching for the names of Individuals, Rules, and/or Groups.

Communications Enhanced Search.png

This feature is free for all customers and won't affect preexisting settings. 

Release Date: March 19 (EU), March 20 (US)

Rename Account or Organization

Account Administrators can now rename their Account and Organizations without needing to contact Support for assistance. They can also specify if Organization Administrators should have the ability to rename their Organization, if desired. 

Rename Account or Organization.png

This feature is available at no additional cost and won't affect preexisting settings. 

Release Date: March 19 (EU), March 20 (US)

What's New in Travel Protector
Mobile App Automatic Registration

Users can now configure their system to automatically send a Member Portal or Mobile App registration invitation to travelers who have booked an itinerary. Invitations can be sent to all newly-created Contacts and/or to the existing Contacts who have not yet registered, allowing them to register and use the app without manual intervention from administrators. 

Automatic Registration.png

This enhancement is free for all Travel Protector customers and won't affect any preexisting settings.

Release Date: March 19 (EU), March 20 (US)

What's New in Visual Command Center
Assess Alert Impact Faster With Multiple Sources

Risk intelligence from the Everbridge Risk Intelligence Monitoring Center (RIMC) can now contain more than one source link, allowing GSOC operators to assess Alert impact faster and find more details from multiple sources.
VCC Alert Multiple Sources.png

This feature is free for all CEM customers and won't affect preexisting settings.

Release Date: March 12 

Minor Improvements to Existing Features - All Products
Product Feature Area Feature Description Benefits
Safety Connection Contacts Custom Role The Upload the Last Known Locations of Contacts permission is now configurable for all Custom Role templates. Users will be able to define a role and whether a user can or not upload Last Known Locations.
Travel Protector Reporting Default Reports The Traveler’s first email address is listed in the Arrival and Departure Report and Country Risk Traveler Report. When multiple email address are listed for a traveler, the reports will include their main email address.
Everbridge 360 Top Menu Restyling Styling of the top menu bar has been unified across Everbridge Manager Portal and Visual Command Center (VCC) when the Everbridge 360 toggle is enabled. Provides a consistent navigational experience across Everbridge Manager Portal and Visual Command Center.
Everbridge 360 Communications Communications History The Communications History page will display the Communications launched within the past 7 days by default. Additional filters to view Communications launched in the past 14, 30, or 60 days. Setting a custom date will also be available. Provides a performance-optimized user experience when loading the Communications History page with the flexibility to filter the view based on user preference.
Everbridge 360 SMS Delivery Method Sender SMS ID Enhanced alphanumeric Sender ID validation now adheres to country-specific rules when applicable. User-specified Sender IDs will adhere to country-specific rules/regulations.
Everbridge 360 CAP Channels CAP RSS

A URL to the Message has been added as a child element <link> under <item> element.

Note: Existing behavior will be retained - URL to the Message will be available within <enclosure> element.

Adheres to industry standards for RSS feed.
Everbridge 360 Audio Bulletin Board Premium Audio Bulletin Board A new permission (Premium Audio Bulletin Board Settings) has been added under the Organization Settings subsection of the Roles page. Organizations that utilize Premium Audio Bulletin Board will be able to set their preferences for PABB.
Everbridge 360 Communications Message The Message Body and Custom Message sections have been reorganized to improve usability. Optimized user interactions and a streamlined interface allow users to launch Communications more efficiently.
Everbridge 360 Communications Attachments The Attachments section has been enhanced to improve usability. Enhanced user interactions and interface allow the user to launch a Communication more efficiently.
Everbridge 360 Communications Template Selector Template selection and preview has been enhanced to improve usability. Allows user to easily select the right Template for the Communication.
Crisis Management Critical Event Details Meeting Minutes When adding or editing meeting minutes, the rich text editing box now supports uploading attachments and the ability to download attachments. Users can upload or download attachments within meeting minutes to provide and share more information to the event as needed. 
Crisis Management Critical Event Details “New Critical Event - Ad Hoc" When launching a Critical Event, the text has been changed from “New Critical Event” to “New Critical Event – Ad Hoc”. Clarifies that users are creating an “Ad Hoc” event and not selecting from a template.
Crisis Management Critical Event Details Show Folder We've added more sorting fields and search functionality within the Document widget. Offers improved Document organization within the Dashboard.
Crisis Management Critical Event Dashboard Template
Added for
Each Dashboard
Users can now add multiple versions of the Webpage, Custom Text, and  Document widgets to each dashboard with different names. Allows users to create specific sections on the dashboard for different purposes.
Crisis Management Document and Forms Libraries More Subfolders A Folder can now contain up to 7 subfolders.  Allows more relevant items to be grouped without creating a new base-level Folder to accommodate them.
Mass Notification Contact Management Groups

The Last Modified Date and Last Modified By data points will now be updated for all Group modifications, including:

  • Adding/removing a Contact from a Group
  • Modifying the Group's description
  • Linking/unlinking a Calendar to/from a Group
  • Adding/removing a sequence to or from a Group
The Last Modified Date and last Modified By will more clearly represent when a Group was last modified.
API Contact Management Buildings API users will be able to use the External ID of a Building when linking a Contact to a Building via the API. Provides more flexibility when using the API to link Contacts to Buildings.
Mass Notification Reports Download When downloading a report, the name of the report is included in the email with the link to the report. Helps users to easily identify the report contained in a download report email.
Mass Notification Contact Management Contact Integration The UKG Pro Contact Integration now accepts different formats for the API URL. Allows users to easily set up a Contact Integration with UKG Pro.
Mass Notification Contact Management Contact Integration The Time Zone field has been added to the General tab when setting up a Contact Integration. Offers the ability to set a Contact's time zone when managing them via the Contact Integration.
Defects Corrected in This Release
Product Area Feature Defect Case Numbers

Travel Protector


Incorrect email is listed for the travelers in the “Arrival and Departure Report”.

  • 497152

Mass Notifications

Message Template

Body of Message Templates created through the New Notification workflow is not saved in the Message Template.

  • 508626

Everbridge 360

Incident Communications

Delivery methods for Resident Connection Contacts cannot be saved while editing and Incident Template.

  • 458858

Everbridge 360

Incident Communications

Text copied to the clipboard is automatically added to the Custom Email/Everbridge Mobile App text area during launch of an Incident.

  • 508373

Crisis Management

Contextual Help Icon

Online Help “?” button does not launch a help page within the Critical Events tab.

  • 508421

Crisis Management

Document Library

Error message when accessing Critical Events - Document Library.

  • 499890

Safety Connection

Mobile SOS

In some cases, video may play sporadically in the Universe, with some videos showing an “Error loading resource” message when attempting to view.

  • 504677

Contact Management


Newly-added Group is not visible to the Group Manager who created it.

  • 503123



Universe is slow to return Contacts when using a saved Shape.

  • 472033

Member Portal

Incident Subscriptions

Unable to edit Incident Subscriptions from the Member Portal.

  • 508682

Mass Notification


Dispatchers Cannot View/Preview or Send Notifications to Contacts using a Rule with CALENDAR as a field.

  • 494160
  • 495533

Contact Management

Contact Integration

The SSO User ID field is available for mapping when setting up the Contact Integration even if the Organization does not use SSO.



Shape Library

Shapes in the format EPSG:3857 are not accepted.

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