EBS: How to Remove Contacts Outside the Geo-Fence in Everbridge Suite


How to remove contacts with a location address outside your organization's geofence.


A geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area you can use to control the addresses your members may add to their profiles. Contacts registered to a Member portal that have provided an address outside the geofence can be removed from an organization. To remove those contacts with addresses outside of the geofence, follow the steps below;  

  1. Log in to https://manager.everbridge.net/
  2. Navigate to the organization with the geofence
  3. Click on the Reports tab.
  4. Under Quick Reports, find the report Addresses Outside Geo-Fence.
  5. Select View Report to download the report.
  6. Click on the Contacts (or Contacts/Assets) tab and select Uploads
  7. Select the Upload to portal sub-tab. 
  8. Select Upload Contacts and choose the exported report file. 
  9. Select the Delete upload type and click Upload to portal

The contacts with addresses outside the geofence will be removed from the organization. 

NOTE: This procedure will identify and delete any contact with a location address outside of the geofence even if the contact has an additional address WITHIN the geofence. Administrators should only use these instructions for contacts with one provided location. If a contact has provided multiple location addresses, you must manually look through the Addresses Outside Geo-Fence report to determine which locations to remove and which to keep. For more information on deleting a location from a contact, please see the following article: How to Delete or Replace the Static Location Data for a Contact When Uploading a CSV File to the Everbridge Manager Portal

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