EBS: How to Determine if a User is Registered in Everbridge Suite



This article explains how to determine if a user is registered in Everbridge.


Users register in Everbridge via an email registration invite or by logging in with their network credentials, also known as Single Sign-On (SSO). 

Preferred Method

The best way to determine if a user is registered in Everbridge Suite is to use the Advanced search utility for Registered = true.

  1. Log in to the Manager Portal
  • At the Account level select Users > Users
  • At the Organization level select Settings > Access > Users
  1. Select Advanced at the top right.
    1. Choose Field = Registered
    2. Choose Condition = true
    3. Search

This will return all users in your organization that are registered in Everbridge through the traditional registration method of sending a registration email. 

Other Methods

Another way to determine if a user is registered in Everbridge is to look for the envelope registration invitation icon on the left side of the user record when viewing them in a list of users. The envelope can indicate that they have not registered in Everbridge. However, if they log in via SSO, they could have the envelope icon and still be registered. In that case, peruse the user record for a "Last Login Date." If they log in via SSO and they have a "Last Login Date", then they are registered even if they have an envelope icon next to their record.

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