EBS: How Many Static Locations Can a Contact Have in Their Record at One Time in Everbridge Suite?


Is there a limit to how many Static Locations a Contact can have in their Contact record at one time?


A Contact can have up to five Static Locations at one time.

Static Locations are defined in the Contact record under Contacts > Contact List > {name of Contact} > Edit > Static Location(s). The Static Location(s) section of the Contact record allows you to define Static Locations for each Contact. More Static Locations are added to a Contact's record by clicking on the Add another address link.


Static Locations for Contacts can also be updated by uploading a contact CSV file. For more information about changing Static Locations via upload, please see Knowledge Base Article 000010674 - How to Delete or Replace the Static Location Data for a Contact When Uploading a CSV File to the Everbridge Manager Portal.

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