EBS: FEMA IPAWS Technical Support Services Facility (TSSF)



FEMA Technical Support Services Facility (TSSF) for IPAWS. 


The Integrated Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) Program Management Office provides an IPAWS Technical Support Services Facility (TSSF). This facility is staffed 24/7 with subject-matter experts experienced in emergency management, public safety communications, public works, and broadcasting, who assist Alerting Authorities with IPAWS needs.

The toll-free number for the Technical Support Services Facility is 1-84-IPAWSLAB (or 1-844-729-7522).

What issues can Customers call for? 

Alerting Authorities may encounter various issues and/or concerns when using IPAWS. The IPAWS support number will be available to assist customers with:

  • Technical failures issuing a live alert 
  • Troubleshooting errant alerts and explanation of error codes 
  • Proficiency demonstrations and practice alerts 
  • Alerting best practices 
  • Webinars (during business hours) to support training initiatives 
  • Exercise participation 
  • And other IPAWS-related initiatives 
See the following articles for information on the publishing statuses for IPAWS: 000003386 - IPAWS Publishing Status Values or 000033236 - Nixle: IPAWS Publishing Status Values
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