EBS: SMS Sender ID Registration Requirements for Vietnam


SMS Sender ID Registration Requirements in Vietnam.


This article describes the SMS Sender ID registration requirements for Vietnam. 

Types of Sender IDs with Registration Requirements

  1. Alphanumeric

Client-dedicated sender IDs of types noted above require registration. Everbridge shared sender IDs, such as those noted in our Global SMS Codes page, are already registered appropriately and do not require any action.

Alphanumeric Sender ID Requirements

  1. Must be the business name or an abbreviation of it. Best if it matches what is found in the provided business license.
  2. Cannot exceed 11 characters. Characters allowed are: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and a single space (special characters are not supported.)

Registration Process

The below documents must be provided to Everbridge. Once Technical Support receives these documents, Everbridge will submit the documents to our aggregators to then be reviewed by the in-country carriers.

  1. A copy of the business license in PDF format. It can be local or international and must be in English or Vietnamese.
  2. Program Summary in PDF format. The program summary must contain the customer’s letterhead, message samples, and a description of the opt-in process. It must be signed and stamped. See the Program Summary.pdf sample under the Reference Documents section.
  3. Brandname Registration Form in PDF format. The registration form must include the business name and the sender ID that is being registered. It must be signed and stamped. See the Brandname Registration Form.pdf sample under the Reference Documents section.
  4. Content Template Registration Form must be completed. See the Content Template Registration Form.pdf under the Reference Documents section.

Registration Timeline

2-6 months from the time Everbridge receives all required documents.

Once the registration process is completed, you will be notified by the Everbridge Technical Support team and can begin using your newly registered sender ID.

Reference Documents

The attached Reference Documents.zip file may be downloaded and contains the following three documents referenced under the Registration Requirements above:

  • Program Summary.pdf
  • Brandname Registration Form.pdf
  • Content Template Registration Form.pdf
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