EBS: How to Enter a Phone in a CSV Upload File Using Delimiters in Everbridge Suite


Can a phone number be entered in a CSV upload file using delimiters in Everbridge Suite.


A phone number in an upload file can be expressed in any typical way that phone numbers are written, including using spaces, dashes, periods, and parentheses.

NOTE: The Everbridge application stores phone numbers without a mask or delimiters. If a phone number in the CSV file contains delimiters, then:

  • The Everbridge application will remove the delimiters and store the digits.
  • The phone number will be returned without delimiters when you download the contact record or retrieve the contact record using the API.
  • The Everbridge application will display NANP (North American Numbering Plan) phone numbers in the user interface using the format xxx-xxx-xxxx; phone numbers for non-NANP countries will be displayed without a format.
  • For information about indicating the country of a phone number, please see this article: 000059138 - CSV Upload File Phone Number Country Format.
The examples below show various acceptably formatted phone numbers:

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