EBS: How to Enter IPAWS Credentials Into the “Private Key” and “Keystore Password” Fields When Publishing an IPAWS Notification via Mass Notification


Where to find and how to correctly input the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) credentials upon entering them into the Private Key and Keystore Password fields when publishing an IPAWS channel notification.


IPAWS is a planned multi-agency emergency population warning system in the United States that is hosted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Everbridge Mass Notification integrates with IPAWS to the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), Emergency Alert System (EAS), Non-Weather Emergency Messages (NWEM), Common Alerting Protocol Exchange (CAPEXCH) and PUBLIC Feed channels.

Nonsensitive FEMA Credentials

    Nonsensitive FEMA credentials, such as your digital certificate and Collaborative Operating Group (COG) ID, are stored in the Everbridge Manager Portal Settings under your organization's Publishing Options as shown in the images below.

    First, click or hover over the Settings tab and then select the Organization sub-tab.

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    Next, select the Publishing Options section.

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    Under Publishing Options, click the CAP Channels sub-tab.

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    Then, select the IPAWS sub-tab.

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    Last, nonsensitive credentials are located in the Live and Test Certificate sections as shown below and note that an underscore "_" is not part of the formatting.
    User-added image

    Sensitive FEMA Credentials

    Follow the steps outlined above to locate your sensitive IPAWS credentials. Then, notice that your IPAWS credentials used for sending notifications, such as the Private Key and Keystore Password, can be stored and are located at the bottom-right corner of the page.

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    Sensitive Keystore Passwords are not automatically kept in Everbridge and must be entered each time an IPAWS channel notification is sent. However, if the credentials have been stored, then their associated PIN is entered in place of the Private Key and Keystore Password when sending a notification. For more information about how IPAWS credentials are stored, please view the following article: 

    Sending an IPAWS Channel Message via Mass Notification

    When sending an IPAWS channel message via Mass Notification, the Private Key is your IPAWS Key Pass value, and the Keystore Password is your IPAWS Keystore value. See below for links and an illustration on sending IPAWS notifications with Everbridge.

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