EBS: What Happens When “Use Map Shape as Incident Zone” Is Checked on a Notification or Incident in Everbridge Suite?



What happens when Use Map Shape as Incident Zone is checked on a notification or incident communication in Everbridge Suite?


The Use Map shape as Incident Zone option enables an Incident Zone to be active during the broadcast duration of the Incident Notification.

When this box is checked, the map shape is used as an active geofence for the broadcast duration so that contacts with the Everbridge Mobile App installed and active on their mobile device who are (1) in the map shape or (2) enter the map shape will receive the message.

Depending on the Incident Zone type, contacts who are in or enter the area defined by the shape files will receive this message during the broadcast duration.

  • Public organizations using Public Incident Zones reach ANY contact that is in the shape via the Everbridge Mobile App. This includes contacts that are not registered in the Organization. 
  • Private organizations using Private Incident Zones reach only contacts registered with their organization's credentials via the Everbridge Mobile App and selected delivery methods.

NOTE: The Use Map shape as Incident Zone does not control whether a map shape appears in the Member Portal. For more information on this, please see Knowledge Base Article 59140 - How to Publish Map Shapes to Your Member Portal.

For more information on Incident Zones, see the 000052279 - Incident Administrator Guide.

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