EBS: How to Publish Map Shapes to Your Everbridge Member Portal



How to publish map shapes from a notification or incident communication to your Member Portal.


As a message sender, you may want to select contacts within certain map shapes and then publish those map shapes to your account's Member Portal for contacts to view.

To enable this, an Account Admin or Organization Admin must navigate to Settings > Member Portal > Notification Pages and ensure that Yes is checked:

Then, any notification sender can check the publishing option Member Portal. Checking this option will automatically check Include selected map shapes (if any).

For incident communications, an Admin must configure this setting in the incident template publishing options:

To verify if this setting was enabled, navigate to the notification or incident's delivery details and select the Publishing Delivery tab in the lower left corner. If map shapes were configured to be published to the Member Portal, this setting will say Yes.

When this setting is configured correctly, map shapes will appear in the Member Portal like this:

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