EBS: Sending IPAWS Messages in Everbridge Suite Generates the Error 'Invalid Polygons'



Sending IPAWS messages in Everbridge Suite generates the error:

Invalid Polygons

Root Cause

Shapes included in IPAWS messages are exceeding geo-point limits.


Send IPAWS messages with shapes that do not exceed the limitations listed below:

  • For the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) channel, shapes must have less than 100 geo-points.
  • For the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Non-Weather Emergency Message (NWEM) channels, shapes must have less than 200 geo-points.

For better control over the amount of points a shape has, create a polygon on the Everbridge map. Please see knowledge base article EBS: How to Use Shapes to Select Contacts for a Notification in Everbridge Suite for information on creating a polygon.

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