EBS: SMS Sender ID Registration for Singapore


SMS Sender ID Registration Requirements in Singapore.


This article describes the SMS Sender ID registration requirements for Singapore. 

Types of Sender IDs with Registration Requirements

  1. Alphanumeric
  2. (Numeric) Short Codes
  3. (Numeric) Long Codes

Client-dedicated sender IDs of types noted above require registration. Everbridge shared sender IDs, such as those noted in our Global SMS Codes page, are already registered appropriately and do not require any action.

Alphanumeric Sender ID Requirements

Refer to the Sender ID Rules of Registration from SGNIC for details.

Registration Process

  1. Go to https://www.sgnic.sg/smsregistry/overview and follow the directions there to register your sender ID.
  2. Upon completing the registration process, you will need to provide Everbridge with a completed Letter of Authorisation (LOA). You can find an LOA template under the SGNIC FAQ "What is a Letter of Authorisation?”

Registration Timeline

Client and SGNIC driven.


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