EBS: Is There a Way to See an Everbridge Organization’s IPAWS Cog Profile in Everbridge Suite?


Is there a way to see an organization's IPAWS COG profile in Everbridge Suite?


Yes. To view the channels available for an organization's COG profile, follow the steps below:

IPAWS Settings
  1. Log in to the Manager Portal and choose the appropriate organization from the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click on the Settings tab from the top of the page.
  3. Click on Publishing Options from the left.
  4. Click CAP Channels from the sub-menu.
  5. Click IPAWS from the sub-menu.
  6. Select the Get COG profile link and then enter IPAWS credentials or PIN to view the organization's COG profile.
Event Codes Permitted

For an explanation of the event codes, see Knowledge Base Article 000005315 - IPAWS: What Are the Meanings of the Various IPAWS Event Codes Available When Sending an IPAWS Notification?

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