EBS: How Organization Administrators Can Create Notification Templates That Only A Specific Role Can Access


How organization administrators can create notification templates that only a specific role can access.


The only role that has templates assigned to it is the Mass Notification Operator role. For steps on assigning templates to theMass Notification Operator, see Knowledge Base Article: 000005322 - How to define which notification templates the Mass Notification Operator role is allowed to access in Everbridge Suite.

All other notification and message templates are role specific, which means that if a role has access to create templates, then any other user who is assigned that same role will be able to access and use that template. If an organization has multiple types of the same role (for instance, three different Dispatcher roles), then each role will only be able to access templates created by that specific Dispatcher role. See Knowledge Base Article 000009648 - Examples of notification template visibility between roles in Everbridge Suite.

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