EBS: How Do Contacts Confirm Receipt of a Voice Notification if They Missed the Call?


How do contacts confirm receipt of a voice notification if they missed the call?


Depending on settings within your organization and the specific notification, your contact may or may not be able to confirm receipt of a voice notification if they missed the call.

  • If a contact receives NO voicemail message at all or the voicemail message does NOT contain the following information:
To confirm your receipt of this message, please call (phone number) and enter (numeric ID).

           Your contact will NOT be able to confirm the voice notification over the phone. They may be able to confirm through other delivery methods, like email or SMS, if they were utilized to deliver the notification.

  • If a contact receives a voicemail with the above information and calls the phone number and enters the numeric ID specified in the voicemail message while the notification is still active, then they will be counted as "confirmed". If any contact attempts to confirm after the notification has ended (either manually or because the broadcast duration has expired), then they will be notified when calling that their response is no longer required.

For additional information on Everbridge voicemail messages, please see knowledge base article EBS: What Happens When a Notification From Everbridge Is Sent to Voicemail?

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