EBS: Getting Started Creating Effective Notifications in Everbridge Suite


Getting Started: Creating Effective Notifications.


Effective notifications ensure the right information is sent to the right people the right ways at the right time. Please consider the following when creating notifications in Everbridge Suite:

Message:          message title and body

  • Does the notification require a higher priority for recipients, like Imminent Threat to Life or High Priority?
  • Start with a clear, recognizable title.
  • Consider Custom SMS messages that include source (short name of sender), call to action and hazard description (if possible) within the first 160 characters and points to email, the Everbridge Mobile App, or organization website for details. Please reference Knowledge Base Article 000004325 - Everbridge SMS Best Practices for more information related to SMS notifications.
  • Custom Email/Everbridge Mobile app messages allow the user to add additional details like text formatting, images, colors, tables, etc. Please reference Knowledge Base Article 000002662 - How to Format Email Notifications in Everbridge as Rich Text Emails for instructions and images on how to utilize this feature.
  • Voice recordings with real voices for telephone notifications when possible – between 30-45 seconds, no more than 1 minute. This Knowledge Base Article 000004331 - Voice Notification Recipient Best Practices provides tools and tips for well prepared voice notifications.
  • What type of message are you sending, Standard, Polling, or Conference Bridge?

Publishing Options:                                    publishing options

  • Does the notification require additional methods of publishing like Social Media or through a CAP channel?

Contacts:                                                         contacts

Settings:                                                   settings

  • Default Organization notification settings will be configured to start. Select Edit to adjust any of these settings for the specific notification or template.                                                                                                    
  • Does this message require confirmation?
  • Notifications should be sent to as many delivery methods as appropriate.            
  • For imminent life-safety events, Interval Between Delivery Methods should be set to 0 or 1 minutes, for non-imminent events consider setting the Interval Between Delivery Methods to 3 or 5 minutes.
  • Broadcast Duration set to an appropriate time, generally 24 hours.                          
  • Be sure to review ALL settings before sending or saving.

Send & Save:                                                                                send and save

Send Notifications Like this~

                                          User-added imageperfect notification

For more industry specific notification examples, please reference the following Knowledge Base Articles:

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