EBS: Troubleshooting Undelivered Message Issues in Everbridge Suite


Troubleshooting undelivered message issues.


How can users determine if an undelivered message was an Everbridge platform issue, a downstream carrier issue, or contact-specific?

Everbridge delivers over 25 million messages a week to recipients around the world, across more than thirty different delivery methods. Everbridge consistently monitors platform stability, along with local and global events that could impact your ability to deliver notifications over voice, SMS, and other internet methods. When an impactful event is detected, a service advisory is posted to the Support Center with details. If you are reading this article on the Support Center now, then the system status bar in the upper-left will indicate if an unplanned event is underway (the box will be highlighted and contain a link to the service advisory).

The Everbridge platform achieves over 99.99% uptime, however that does not mean that 99.99% of all downstream providers, internet providers, mobile phone carriers, and personal devices will provide the same level of reliability.

Because no delivery method can be completely reliable, all of the time, across the world, it is essential to take the multi-modal approach to assure your critical communications by leveraging all possible delivery methods.

Troubleshooting Specific Issues

Here are some things to consider when troubleshooting message delivery issues:

Escalating to Everbridge Tier 3 Support

If only a few recipients failed to receive a message on one of their configured contact methods for a particular notification, then the articles linked above should provide the information needed to troubleshoot the issue. If a large number of contacts are not able to receive or reply to notifications, or if a specific contact is consistently unable to receive or reply to notifications, then this may suggest either a system misconfiguration or a service degradation.

If the troubleshooting steps outlined above do not solve the issue, and a pattern of ten or more delivery issues is found, then Everbridge Technical Support may need to escalate your case to our engineering team ("Tier 3"). NOTE: A number of recipients failing to receive a message does not necessarily constitute a delivery issue pattern, since the causes for each recipient could be unique. A pattern is identified as ten or more instances where the cause could be shared, such as:

  • ten or more recipients on the same carrier within the same country failed to receive an SMS notification
  • a particular recipient failed to receive the last ten notifications on a particular delivery method
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