EBS: Troubleshooting AND/OR Logic in Everbridge Suite


The June 2021 version of EBSuite (21.2) introduced AND/OR logic to two areas: Contact Rules and Contact Advanced Search. This includes contact rules in the notification and incident communication workflows. This change does not affect any existing rules, and it allows consolidating multiple separate rules into single, much more complex ones.

If there are issues with the capability, please follow this troubleshooting flow.

AND/OR Logic Missing

If the logic appears to be missing, check the area in EBSuite. Remember, it is only implemented for Contact Rules and Advanced Contact Search. If the AND/OR logic is missing in either of those locations, be sure to contact your Account Manager to check if it is enabled for your particular organization (not account).

AND/OR Logic Returning Unexpected Results

A rule or advanced search that uses a "does not contain" query with building names (e.g., the screenshot to the right) may have unexpected results. Please see Knowledge Base Article 000051314 - Unexpected Search Results With “Does Not Contain Building Name” in Everbridge Suite for more information.

If you are still receiving unexpected results, please contact technical support.

Maximum of 10 OR Operations

With the release of EBS 21.4 in November 2021, the maximum number of OR operations is 10 (allowing maximum 11 conditions).

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