EBS: 'One or more Sender Caller IDs are invalid. This may affect the deliverability of your voice delivery messages' Error When Sending a New Notification in Everbridge Suite


The following invalid Sender Caller ID error may display at the bottom of the Send & Save portion of the New Notification window:

One or more Sender Caller IDs are invalid. This may affect the deliverability of your voice delivery messages.  

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Root Cause:

This error means that one or more of the numbers provided for the Sender Caller ID are not valid phone numbers for their corresponding countries. Everbridge does not suggest using invalid phone numbers as a Sender Caller ID as anti-SPAM measures can affect the deliverability of calls in the notification. There is validation in place when configuring a Sender Caller ID to prevent invalid numbers from being entered. However, it is still possible to have an invalid Sender Caller ID in your organization for one of two reasons:

  • The Sender Caller ID was valid at the time it was entered but the correct phone number format has changed. 
  • The invalid Sender Caller ID was entered years ago before this validation was put into place. 


Update the offending Sender Caller ID  to a valid phone number. This may be updated in the settings by navigating to the Settings tab > Notifications > Sender Information > Sender Caller ID.


An example of a phone number format changing would be the 2019 change in Manila (PH). Landline phone numbers in the Metro Manila region changed from 7-digits to 8-digits. The 8-digits are counted after the first (2) found at the beginning of all Manila landline numbers.

Previous to this change, an example phone number +63 2 527 0972 would have been accepted as a Sender Caller ID. After the change in Manila, this phone number would no longer be valid and the error pictured above would occur. To resolve this error the old Sender Caller ID would need to be updated to +63 2 8527 0972. Note the additional (8) in this phone number, bringing the total number of required digits after the (2) to 8-digits.

Here is what it looks like in the platform if you try to use the now invalid example Sender Caller ID:

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If you hover your cursor over the red exclamation point you will see the following error:

Please enter phone in the correct format

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