EBS: Sender Caller ID Validation Logic in Everbridge Suite

Why did Everbridge add this capability?

Telephone companies in many regions of the world are implementing numerous solutions to reduce the number of unwanted phone calls to their subscribers. One solution recently discovered in some telephone systems is the requirement that the Caller ID be a valid and inbound phone number (i.e.: someone should be able to dial the Caller ID phone number and reach either a person or a recording). Everbridge has been informed of client voice notifications that were not delivered by the local telephone company because the Caller ID was a fictitious phone number (for example, “1234567890” or “1111111111”, or because the Caller ID was not a phone number that accepts an inbound phone call 

With the release targeted for 28 January 2021, Everbridge will be providing a tool to detect invalid Sender Caller IDs in an effort to protect you from having a configuration that could be denied by telephone companies.

How does this change impact me?

Everbridge will prevent notifications from being sent for customers who have invalid Sender Caller IDs preconfigured in Account/Organization settings (reference screenshot).


Sender Caller ID Settings


How will Everbridge prevent me from sending a notification in the event I have a invalid Sender Caller ID preconfigured?

For customers who have invalid Sender Caller IDs preconfigured, Everbridge will prevent their users from completing the Notification or Incident workflow in three areas of the platform:

  1. When sending a New Notification. 
  2. When editing an existing Notification template and then trying to send.
  3. When launching an Incident.

NOTE: ALL Notifications and/or Incidents launched via automation will not be impacted. (i.e. - API, iPaaS, Email Ingestion, etc...) 


As a message sender, how will Everbridge warn me if I have an invalid Sender Caller ID preconfigured?

Users will see a red warning indicator illuminate next to the Sender Caller ID setting when clicking "Send".
Sender Caller ID View: Read-Only Warning

When clicking "Edit", users will immediately see the red warning indicator next to the Sender Caller ID that is invalid.
Sender Caller ID View: Edit Warning

What action do I need to take?

  1. Have your administration go to the Account/Organization Settings > Notifications > Sender Information page.
  2. From there, they will need to check every Caller ID setup to make sure none of them are invalid. Everbridge will detect whether the Caller ID is invalid by displaying the red warning indicator after the user tries to edit the value.
  3. Replace the invalid Caller ID with a valid or active phone number owned by your agency or business and click the Save icon (disk).
  4. Finally, proceed to any existing Notification and/or Incident templates that have invalid Sender Caller IDs preconfigured, update the Caller ID and Save.

NOTE: On Incident Templates be sure to update the Caller ID on all phases (i.e. New | Update | Closed)

Fixing Invalid Sender Caller IDs

What do I benefit from doing this?

  1. Prevents users from using invalid or fake phone numbers for your voice notification Caller ID phone numbers.
  2. Increases the success rate of phone call deliveries.
  3. Reduces the chances of Telephone companies from flagging your Caller ID as SPAM.
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