Mobile: What Publishing Options Are Available When Sending a Notification Using ManageBridge?


What publishing options are available when sending a notification using ManageBridge?


All publishing options are available in ManageBridge but they cannot be selected in new notifications. To send a notification with the ManageBridge app to a publishing channel, a notification template with the desired publishing options and content must be selected. The notification template can be created in the Manager Portal. See Knowledge Base Article 000046061 - How to Create Notification Templates in Everbridge Suite for information on how to create a notification template. Once the notification template and content has been created in the Manager Portal, it will be available for use in ManageBridge.

Please note that the content of the notification template cannot be viewed or changed on the mobile app. To change the content of the notification template, go to the Manager Portal and view or edit the content, the same as you did to create the template.


  • The only publishing channel that is available in ManageBridge without being configured in a notification template is Everbridge Network.
  • For security reasons, the IPAWS channels are unavailable for use in ManageBridge.
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