NC4: Risk Center - Locations

  • NC4 Risk Center -Location Reports and Tools- Enhanced Location Management – The Location Reports and Tools allow users to manage information about their registered locations. It includes the capability to create, delete, and edit locations, set access privileges, set location “status,” and much more. It also includes the Location Maintenance functionality used for mass location import/export of new or edited location data.
  • NC4 Risk Center - Proximity Calculator – Determine which of your registered locations are within a specified proximity of all open real-time incidents. This is essentially a threat calculator for your locations worldwide.
  • NC4 Risk Center - Incident Summary Reports – Incident Summary Reports include five standard reports that summarize the alerts NC4 has sent for the locations you have registered in NC4 Risk Center. You can use the reports to assess your operational risk domestically and overseas; as reference documents to further analyze incident details; and to compare the operational threat for each location. Reports are available in PDF, Google Earth and Excel format.
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