NC4: Risk Center - Incident Summary Reports

Incident Summary Reports, as shown below, include five standard reports that summarize the alerts NC4 has sent based on your registered locations. You can use the reports to:

  • assess your operational risk domestically and overseas
  • as reference documents to further analyze incident details
  • to review the average distance certain incidents occur from each of your registered locations for comparing operational threat
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There are also Administrative Reports that include incidents triggered by all users in their entire organization. Refer to the article, NC4 Risk Center - Location Reports and Tools

The five available standard reports include:

  • Brief Overview
  • Incident Proximity Summary
  • Location Summary
  • Detailed Incident Report
  • Detailed Incident Report (Google Earth)

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Incident Summary Reports

  1. Select each report you would like (or Select All), and the timing for each; quarterly, yearly and/or monthly. For a brief description of the report, place your cursor on the specific report name and the system will display a pop-up window with the report description.
  2. Select if you would like to be notified by email when the reports become available for download (recommended).
  3. Click the Save button to save the settings.

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Downloading Incident Summary Reports

When the Incident Summary Reports that you have scheduled are generated and available for downloading, they will appear on the Downloads tab of the Incident Summary Reports, as shown above. The following details are listed for each report:

  • Date Created – times are shown in Eastern Time.
  • Report Name – names correspond to the names on the Report Schedule screen. The month, quarter, and year are shown in parentheses. In addition, “org” will appear in the report name if it is an organization-wide report run by an NC4 Risk Center Administrator.
  • Download – click the appropriate PDF or Google Earth icon to download the report file.
  • File Size – shows the size of the download file in megabytes (MB).
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It is strongly recommended that you download each report within 25 days of the Date Created. After this time, the report files will be automatically deleted from the system.

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