Everbridge 360™: Enabling the Everbridge 360™ Experience for Everbridge Organizations


How to enable Everbridge 360™ for Everbridge Organizations.


To configure Everbridge 360™, the Organization Administrator must first activate Everbridge 360™ in their Organization. Once activated, users may toggle Everbridge 360™ on/off using a toggle switch in the top menu bar. 

Activate Everbridge 360™ for Your Organization

To activate Everbridge 360™ for your Organization:

  1. Log in to the Everbridge Manager Portal and select your Organization.
  2. Select Settings > Organization > Everbridge 360 > Default Settings.
  3. Toggle on Everbridge 360.

360 1.jpg

Toggling Everbridge 360™ On/Off

Once Everbridge 360™ has been activated, users will see a toggle button in the top menu bar labeled "Everbridge 360™". This button is toggled on by default once Everbridge 360™ has been activated. Switching this toggle on/off will allow users to enable/disable the Everbridge 360™ experience without affecting other users. 

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If a user chooses to turn off the Everbridge 360™ experience, the toggle button in the top menu bar will be labeled "NEW! Everbridge 360™"

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