EBS: Attaching Files to Notifications and Incidents in Everbridge Suite


Attaching files to notifications and incidents in Everbridge Suite.


Attachments may be included on notifications (Communications > Notifications > New Notification) to send relevant documents, pictures, and other files to communicate with contacts more effectively.


File Attachment Guidelines

  • Files can be attached to notifications sent via email, Everbridge Mobile App, or fax.
  • The maximum number of attachments is five files per message. If you exceed this amount, an alert is displayed:

You have already uploaded the maximum of 5 attachments. To upload another, you'll need to remove an existing file.

  • Each file nameshould be no more than 80 characters.
  • 178 different document types are supported, including the commonly used formats Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, and HTML.  
  • If the notification is sent via fax, use file types that are receivable via a fax transmission (for example, no audio files). Fax attachment files should not contain macros or complicated formatting.
  • Attachment size limits:
    • The maximum individual attachment file size is 20 MB.
    • The total combined file size for all attachments is 20 MB per message.
    • When the total combined file size of the attachment(s) is <= 2 MB, the files will be embedded in the email.
    • When the total combined file size of the attachment(s) is > 2 MB and <= 20 MB, the attachment(s) will be sent as links. Contacts will see secure links in the email notification received. Contacts can click the links to download and view each attachment.  
    • When the total combined file size of the attachment(s) is > 20 MB, the following error is displayed:

The uploaded file size is larger than the allowed maximum size of 20 MB.

  • Attachment links will be available for seven days by default. This can be configured and changed in Settings > Organization > Notifications > Default Options > Attachment > Link Expires in {1 to 30} Day(s).


  • CAPRSS feeds can accept up to 2 MB of files.  
  • Nixle can support up to 10 MB of files.  
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