EBS: Importing a Shape File Into Everbridge Suite


How to import a shape file into Everbridge Suite.


Follow the steps below to import a shape file. Please note that when importing shape files into Everbridge Suite you can optionally create folders to organize your shape files. 

Learn how to import a Shape File into Everbridge Suite with these straightforward instructions. From accessing the organization settings to initiating the file import process, this guide will help you seamlessly navigate through the necessary steps.

Log in to the Everbridge Manager Portal and select your Organization

1. Click Settings > Organization

Access the organization settings.


2. Click "Map"

Navigate to the map feature.

Click 'Map'

3. Click "Shape Library"

Open the Shape Library menu.

Click 'Shape Library'

4. Click + New Folder

Add a new folder for organizing multiple shape files

Click + New Folder

5. Click + Import New Region file

Import a shape file

Click + Import New Region file


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