MobileHelp: How to Translate SMS, Email and Mobile App Messages Received From Everbridge on an Apple iPhone/iPad



Apple iOS 15


How to translate SMS, email and Mobile app messages received from Everbridge on an Apple iPhone/iPad.

Note: This is a new feature on Apple iOS 15 and it not available in earlier versions.


To translate messages received from Everbridge on an Apple iPhone/iPad:

  1. Select (tap and hold for a moment) the text you want to translate.
  2. Tap Translate.

If you do not see Translate, tap the Show More Items button to see more options.


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Download languages for offline translation (i.e. when you do not have an internet connection). Downloaded languages can be translated offline when On-Device Mode is enabled.

  1. Go to Settings  > Translate.
  2. Tap Downloaded Languages.
  3. Tap the Download button next to the languages you want to download.
  4. Turn On-Device Mode on.


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